Nutrition Facts


Serving Size: ¼ cup, prepared

Servings Per Container: 8


Amount Per Serving:

Dry Mix

Calories: 62

Total Fat: 2 g

Saturated Fat: 1 g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 0mg




Dietary Fiber: <1g

Sugars: 11g

Protein: <1g


Mixes- Did You Know?  (Fun Trivia!)

This mix tops everyone’s favorites!  This was one of our original mixes that we created.  The only change is that we used to use larger chocolate chips and then later switched to the mini chocolate chips.  It still remains one of our favorites!


Customer Comments:


This is one of my very favorite sweet dips! I am a walking advertisement for this mix. I rave about it all the time, and take it to many parties and social get togethers.

Shirley Lee from Palestine, TX


Addictingly yummy!

Jana Lowe from Van Wert, OH


Representative’s comments at an arts and craft show:


Full Name: Darla West
City, State, Zip: Hagerstown, MD
Customer Feedback: "I can eat the cheesecake dip with a spoon!!!! :)"

Rep Name: Karen Man
City/State: McCalla, AL
Customer Comments: They loved everything
Additional Comments: I almost sold out of everything I had. They just raved over and over about the Choc Chip Cheesecake Dip and the Dreamsicle Pie. Everybody said it was so good that they couldn’t quit eating it! 


Rep Name: Karen Ball
City/State: Bel Air, Maryland
Customer Feedback: The hit of the night was the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. Everyone thought it was yummy and I took many orders for it.


Rep Name: Amy Rivers
Rep City/State: Batesville, MS
Customer Feedback: they loved the dips and the prices.
Additional Comments: I sold 18 chocolate chip cheesecake dips.  it was definitely the favorite.


Rep Name: Carol Dose
City/State: Zumbrota, MN
Customer Comments: Lots of comments on the wonderful flavor of the Fiesta Dip. A lot of ooh ah when they sampled the Cheesecake Dip.


Rep Name: Ginger Parker
City/State: Liberty, TX
Customer Feedback: Everyone loved the Beer Bread and the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip of course.


Rep Name: Melanie Williams   

City/State: McGregor, TX
Customer Comments: They liked all the samples but the favorites were the Spinach Dip and the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. Had a couple of customers threaten to take my bowl with the Chocolate Chip dip in it. Lol


Rep Name:  Dawn Lewis

City/State: Staten Island, NY

Customer Comments:  When they tasted the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, their faces told how they loved it and said it was different. When I was packing up I still had customers coming to me to purchase more.


This is my favorite sweet dip. I sample it everywhere I go and usually run out no matter how much of it I have.

Carol Dose from Zumbrota, MN


Additional Recipes:

The following recipes can be found in our cookbook! 

These recipes were donated by customers and distributors all over the United States, and each of these recipes uses the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. 


Chocolate Chip Icing/Cake Filling

Chocolate Chip Truffle Brownie Bites

Flavored Martini Dip

Ooh La La, Oreo Cheeseball

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Fudge

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip

Pumpkin Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Layer Cake

Stuffed Strawberries


Tiramisu Cookies

Wonderful Sandwich Cookies


White Chocolate Mousse Tart
Prepare a package of vanilla instant pudding as directed on package. Whip with electric mixer. Slowly add in 1 package of Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Mix. Hand mix or use slow speed not to break up chips. Pour into prepared mini graham cracker tart shells.

Cannoli Filling
Mix full package of Chocolate Chip Cheesecake mix with 1 small container of Italian Mascarpone Cheese.
Use to fill your cannoli shells or layer in between baked puff pastry squares.


Chocolate Chip Drizzle
Add 1-2 Tbsp. of water or milk to Chocolate Chip Cheesecake mix and whisk until you get a thick icing to drizzle over your bundt cakes or chocolate cookies.


Chocolate Banana Pudding

Prepare a pkg. of store bought banana pudding mix as directed on box. Add in 1 pkg. of Chocolate Chip Cheesecake mix. Pour into a bowl and let chill and set. For individual servings pour into coffee cups before chilling, top with a dried banana chip and chocolate shavings before serving.


I can eat this just with a spoon, and one year for a show in February , I actually got large strawberries and removed the stems and scooped as much as the center out as I could , and then stuffed the strawberries with the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip. Needless to say they were a big hit . for sampling these and more ease in preparation you can cut the strawberries in half.and then stuff the strawberry halves. But be sure and save the Strawberry pulp that you scoop out it can be frozen and used later in another dish such as Sweet Fruit Bread.

Shirley Lee from Palestine, TX



Gift Ideas Using This Mix:


Who would not enjoy a Chocolate Basket????  Include any of the following chocolate mixes:  Heavenly Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Spread, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip, 5 Minute Microwavable Chocolate Fudge, 5 Minute Microwavable Peanut Butter Fudge, Chocolate Pecan Bars, German Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookies, any of our Hot Chocolates.


Attach a note to this mix stating:  “Dip into the holidays and have a Healthy New Year!”


Batch Available for This Mix?  YES!


Batches are large amounts of a mix that are priced at a discount. 


Why purchase a batch? 

·         if you frequently purchase and use a certain mix a lot

·         if you plan to use the same mix to sample at home shows or festivals

·         if you plan on using the mixes for any of the additional recipes using the mixes

You have to purchase a batch jar before purchasing a refill.  Refills contain the same amount of product but are priced at a discounted rate.  The jar actually contains the instructions, but the refill does not.









            Retail- $21.50/refill $20.00

makes 6 dips

equal to 6 packages