Nutritional Label:


Servings Per Container: 10


Amount Per Serving:

            Dry Mix

Calories:         97   

Total Fat:              2.8 g

     Saturated Fat:                 .2  g

Polyunsaturated Fat          .9    g

Monounsaturated Fat       1.6   g

Cholesterol:            0 mg

Sodium:               354 mg

Potassium             55 mg

Total Carbohydrate:     22   g

     Dietary Fiber:               <1   g

     Sugars:            15  g

Protein:                <1  g



Customer Comments:


Absolutely an easy family favorite- simple enough to make for a weekend, kid’s sleep over breakfast, or start a Christmas tradition!

Amanda Ortega from Louisville, KY


Best cinnamon rolls, ever!!

Tabitha Anagnos from Coventry, CT


The cinnamon buns are to die for. So easy too.

I have made these three times.  They are addicting as can be.  I did them twice in the bundt pan as directed and then did in a pie plate.  The bundt pan is the way to go for sure.  I am banning myself from buying them unless I have a customer that wants to order.  The mixes I have ordered have yet to make out of the house!  It’s a fabulous mix!!

Marie Moore from Duxbury, MA


I really like to make them in two 8x8 square pans.  And here’s the thing- the mix is so plentiful that I have at times used only ˝ of the mix for two 8x8 pans.  So, I make some on the “spur of the moment” and save half of the mix for later.  I use the small (about the size of cookie dough when you put it in a Pampered Chef or other cookie dough scooper) frozen rolls found in the freezer case at various stores.  I have also found round tins of frozen rolls, with the tins being about the size of a small pie pan, and I’ve done the same thing.  I have used margarine at times, butter other times, and never had any complaints from my co-workers with whom I’ve shared these.  And they say it’s better than any “monkey bread” they’ve ever had!  I let them rise overnight, then get up in the morning, pop them in the oven and bring them to work still warm. What a nice way to begin a morning staff meeting!!

Robin Pottorff from Marysville, PA



Additional Recipes:


I have also used this mix as a topping on baked sweet potatoes.  I have a microwave/convection oven that has a setting for baked potatoes.  Put long striations with a knife in the sweet potatoes, and the cinnamon bun mix with butter into it.  Just a different variation for this mix that I have found tasty!

Robin Pottorff from Marysville, PA