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The Gourmet Cupboard® offers gourmet food mixes to help make cooking faster and easier, home business opportunities, online home parties, and fundraisers! Join The Gourmet Cupboard® today!

Gourmet Side Dishes


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Bean Soup Seasoning Mix - $4.00
Add this seasoning, Rotel (chopped tomatoes with green chilies), and water
to beans of your choice for a soup that you're sure to love. Makes 7 cups.
Additional Product Information
Bean Seasoning Mix

NEW! Best Ever Sweet Potato Casserole - $4.50
Down in the south, many families frequently serve sweet potato dishes
all throughout the year. This is a family favorite that our kids beg for!
Best Ever Sweet Potato Casserole

NEW! Bread and Butter Pickles - $4.25
Our Sweet Pickled Cucumbers are so popular, that we wanted to share this recipe with you as well!
Hope you enjoy these pickles as much as our family has enjoyed them! Add cucumbers and vinegar.
Bread and Butter Pickles

Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole Mix - $6.25
Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole is a must try! A twist to an old family
favorite. Requires butter or margarine, 1 (8oz) jar of cheese whiz, 1 (10.5oz)
can of cream of mushroom soup and 1 cup of water. Yields: 9x9 pan.
Additional Product Information
Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole Mix

Cheesy Potato Casserole Mix - $4.75
One of the best tasting casseroles ever made! Your family will think you’ve been
in the kitchen all day long! Add water, 1 can cheese soup, milk, and margarine.
Yields 9x13 pan. Top with grated cheese and French Fried Onions for extra treat!
Additional Product Information
Cheesy Potato Casserole Mix

Country Cream Gravy Mix - $4.25
A southern favorite. Great with chicken tenders, biscuits, and
chicken fried steak. Add water. Makes 4 cups of gravy.
Additional Product Information
Country Cream Gravy Mix

Diabetic Friendly Carrot Soufflé Mix - $4.00
This light and airy side dish is so delicious and simple, and everyone will be
amazed that it is sugar free! Add frozen carrots, butter and eggs. Yields 2 cups.
Additional Product Information
Diabetic Friendly Carrot Souffle Mix

Diabetic Friendly Sweet Green Beans Mix - $4.50
Everyone can enjoy this delicious and healthier alternative to one of our
top selling recipes! Add green beans and margarine. Makes 9x9 dish.
Additional Product Information
Diabetic Friendly Sweet Green Beans Mix

Fried Rice - $5.25
A blend of rice, vermicelli and Asian seasonings make this a great side dish!
By adding shrimp or chicken to this dish, you can create a complete meal.
Simply add water, margarine, and eggs. Optional: green peas.
Additional Product Information
Fried Rice

Garlic Mashed Potato Mix-in - $4.00
A must for the true garlic lover! Sprinkle about 1 tsp. mix for each 1/2 cup
mashed potatoes. Also good on new potatoes. Yields enough to make 7 cups.
Additional Product Information
Garlic Mashed Potato Mix-in

Hashbrown Casserole Mix - $6.50
Great as a breakfast casserole or as a side dish with any meal. Heat 2 cups
of water and contents of large bag on low for 10 minutes. Requires a can
of celery soup, ½ cup sour cream, butter or margarine, and 1 cup grated
cheddar cheese. Yields: A 9x9 dish. Bake time: 20 minutes.
Additional Product Information
Hashbrown Casserole Mix

Praline Yams Mix - $4.00
A yummy, gooey topping that adds a special touch to regular
canned yams. Add canned yams and margarine. Makes 9x9 pan.
Additional Product Information
Praline Yams Mix

Squash Casserole Mix - $4.00
This simple mix gives any squash a special touch. Add
1-2 lbs of squash, ¼ cup margarine, and 1 egg.
Additional Product Information
Squash Casserole Mix

Stir Fry Mix - $4.25
A delicious seasoning for your stir fry vegetables. Add 16 oz of your choice of vegetables.
Additional Product Information
Stir Fry Mix

NEW! Sweet and Sour Asian Cucumbers - $4.00
Perfect combination of sweet and sour- in a pickle! Simply add rice vinegar and cucumbers.
Sweet and Sour Asian Cucumbers

Sweet Green Beans Mix - $4.00
Great, easy mix to help transform regular canned green beans into something super yummy! Requires butter or margarine and 3 (14.5 oz) cans of green beans. Yields: 9x13 dish. Bake time: 30 minutes. Tastes sweet with a hint of soy sauce and bacon.
Additional Product Information
Sweet Green Beans Mix

Sweet Pickled Cucumbers Mix - $4.75
These are absolutely delicious! Soak cucumber slices,
vinegar, and this mix in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
Additional Product Information
Sweet Pickled Cucumbers Mix

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