Company History

Hello! Welcome to The Gourmet Cupboard! Our history is rather interesting, and we would like to share our story with you. After teaching elementary school for 6 years, I decided to quit and stay at home with our first, soon to be born, son. Kaden was born in August of 2001. School was already back in session, and I began to look around for a hobby to take up. I began a business called Icing on the Cake, where I baked cookies, breads, pies, and other sweets. I custom decorated cakes including wedding cakes. It was very stressful, it began taking up all my free time, and my kitchen was constantly covered in greasy icing!!

In the meantime, my mom, Judy Baker, and I had been making homemade gifts for all of our friends. We mixed up some of our favorite family recipes, packaged them in Ziploc bags, typed up the directions, and sent them out for Christmas, wedding, and baby gifts. We had a great response from everyone who tasted them, and then we started experimenting with other recipes. My mom and I have both always loved to be in the kitchen, baking, cooking, and experimenting. So, we really had fun with this!! We started to give away other mixes, and the popularity of it all began.

We decided to spruce up our packaging a little and see if we could sell our mixes using the name Icing on the Cake. Our first craft show, in the summer of 2002, we only had about 20 different mixes, and we only made about 10 of each one. We were so scared that we wouldn’t sell them. Boy, were we wrong!! We knew immediately that we had a good thing going, and there could definitely be a future in this!

For the next 5 years, we operated out of a specially designed building built by husband, Shannon, and was located adjacent to our home. Its convenient location allowed me to stay at home with Kaden and Kale, who was born in December of 2003.

We also changed our name to Gourmet To Go, and then later to The Gourmet Cupboard, which seemed more fitting, and I have given up the cake business all together!!

After 17 years of working by my mom’s side each and every day, she recently retired as my co-partner from The Gourmet Cupboard. JuJu (Grandma Spice) – her name here at the shop, continues to work part time throughout the week, but she is spending more “grandma time” at her house now.

My new partner is one of my very best friends, Christy Lee. Christy was an answered prayer. She shares that same important family value and work ethic that my mom and I built this business. My weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. It is a perfect fit, and I couldn’t be any prouder or happier to have her as my partner. If I had to hand-pick someone to work with on a daily basis and to continue to help build this wonderful company, it would be Christy!

We are a Christian based company, and we consider The Gourmet Cupboard® a blessing to us in many ways. We all work very hard at making our business a truly great one.We take lots of pride in our mixes, in the way we run our company, our quality service, our wonderful employees, and we think that you will too.

We still experiment all the time, sometimes finding exciting new mixes to put together and sometimes throwing out our concoctions, but that is the fun of it all!!

We hope you enjoy our mixes as much as we do. Let us know what you think!

We truly care about our business and about you!

Melissa Holmes