Join & Become a Distributor

Join today to start a fun and rewarding career with The Gourmet Cupboard®!! We are so excited that you have decided to take the first steps toward becoming an active independent distributor with The Gourmet Cupboard®! We hope that you will find your new business exciting, fun, rewarding and profitable! We look forward to you joining our Gourmet Cupboard® family!!

Our gourmet mixes are simple to prepare, delicious, & most contain no msg, preservatives, or chemicals!

Joining The Gourmet Cupboard® as an independent distributor could possibly be one of the very best career decisions you will ever make! The Gourmet Cupboard® offers an exciting career that includes flexible hours, the ability to earn income, and the satisfaction of introducing people you care about to gourmet products that you love and believe in. You can choose to only sell or sell and build a team!

TGC Distributorship Details:

Before submitting your application to become a representative with us, you will be charged a $25.00 non refundable advance payment. This amount WILL be applied to your first order! Please understand this is NOT a sign-up fee or a start up cost. This is simply an advance payment that will be applied to your first order.  Once you have paid your $25 advance payment, you will receive a welcome email and a gift voucher for the $25.00. 

Upon joining, all reps are at the "Basic" level. A rep can choose to stay at this level or to move up in rank (see compensation plan). No matter what rank of representative you are, everyone has to place at least $100 worth of mixes by June 30th and again by December 31st (which only averages to $16.66 a month!). Your first order with TGC will automatically exempt you for the current sales period that you join!

Fundraiser orders and customer placed website retail orders do count towards your $100.00 quota!

Welcome from the owners of The Gourmet Cupboard®!

Hello! If you are reading this, then we know you must be considering joining The Gourmet Cupboard®. We hope that you will, and we believe that you will be very pleased if you do so!

The company was started by me, Melissa Holmes, and my mom, Judy Baker.  After 17 years of working by my mom’s side each and every day, she recently retired as my co-partner from The Gourmet Cupboard.  

JuJu (Grandma Spice) – her name here at the shop, continues to work part time throughout the week, but she is spending more “grandma time” at her house now.   

My new partner is one of my very best friends, Christy Lee.  Christy was an answered prayer.  She shares that same important family value and work ethic that my mom and I built this business. My weaknesses are her strengths and vice versa. It is a perfect fit, and I couldn’t be any prouder or happier to have her as my partner. If I had to hand-pick someone to work with on a daily basis and to continue to help build this wonderful company, it would be Christy!

We are a Christian based company, and we consider The Gourmet Cupboard® a blessing to us in many ways. We all work very hard at making our business a truly great one.

We take lots of pride in our mixes, in the way we run our company, our quality service, our wonderful employees, and we think that you will too. 

We have been vendors at many different kinds of shows, so we know, first hand, that shows are hard work, yet can be very rewarding and fun.

We know that you will attend shows that are “duds” and then others that are real winners! Because of our experience with all sorts of shows, we can and will guide you along the way to success. We offer suggestions, ideas on setting up, what to bring with you, a list of popular mixes to start with, and many other helpful hints! 

We personally help in answering all of your emails and phone calls, and do so promptly. We also assist in filling orders and actually mixing! We are not the type of people to just sit back and watch it happen- We make it happen! There have been many late nights and very long days spent filling orders to ensure that our distributors will receive them in time for show dates, etc.

We truly care about our business and about you!


Melissa Holmes