Mixes of the Month

The Mixes of the Month Club is a club that you can sign up for and receive mixes in the mail at the beginning of each month!  The Gourmet Cupboard automatically sends you the mixes around the 1stof each month, and the company automatically charges you. 




How many mixes are included each month?

Anywhere from 8-10 mixes.


Which mixes will the company send each month?

It will always be a variety of mixes, but it will always include at least 1 meal, 1 soup, 1 dessert, and 1 dip. 


What if I decide to drop out?

You may do so at anytime.


Can I place additional orders besides the mixes for the month?



Can I add to the mixes that are automatically sent?  

Yes, you will have to include a note on your order form that you would like for us to add this order to your mixes of the month, and please send in your order before we send you an email notification for your mixes that month. 


How can I pay for this each month?

We will charge your credit card on file at the beginning of each month. If you would rather Paypal, you may send in the payment as well.


What is the benefit of signing up for this?

-      You will automatically receive mixes each month, so you do not have to worry with ordering.

-      You will automatically meet the quota for the sales period.  

-      You can sample a variety of mixes that you otherwise may not have ordered, and who knows- they may turn out to be your favorites!


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April Mixes of the Month

April Mixes of the Month

This set of mixes qualifies you for free retail shipping.Oatmeal Raisin Spice CookiesBanana Nut Chee..

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