Meals of the Month

The Meals of the Month Club is a club that you can sign up for and receive 7 meal type mixes in the mail at the beginning of each month.  Each month, there will be several additional recipes included with your shipment.  Each month, we will also try to include a recipe that could be prepared in your crock-pot as well.  Besides additional recipes included with your shipment, we will also send you a grocery list to prepare the 7 meals!  The Gourmet Cupboard automatically sends you the mixes around the 1stof each month, and the company automatically charges you for the mixes and the exact shipping.  




How many mixes are included each month?

There will always be 7 mixes.


What if I decide to drop out?

You may do so at anytime.


Can I add to the mixes that are automatically sent?  

Yes, you will have to email us your order, and we can add this order to your mixes of the month. Please be sure you send in your order beforewe send you an email notification for your mixes that month.  


How do you sign up for this?

You may sign up for it anytime by simply ordering it through our website.  For future automated monthly shipments, we will call you for payment information or if you would prefer to call us, that is acceptable as well.


How can I pay for this?

We will charge your credit card on file at the beginning of each month. If you would rather PayPal, you may send in the payment after we invoice you.


What is the benefit of signing up for this?

-      You don’t have to plan meals for a whole entire week out of the month!

-      Your family will love you for trying some new meals!

-      You will automatically receive mixes each month, so you do not have to worry with ordering.

-      You can sample a variety of mixes that you otherwise may not have ordered, and who knows - they may turn out to be your favorites!




November Meals of the Month

November Meals of the Month

French Onion SoupSweet Corn Chowder  EtoufeeSpicy Chipotle DipBaked Coconut Shrimp  ..

32.25 - In Stock

October Meals of the Month

October Meals of the Month

Slow Cooker Tamale Soup Chicken Fried ChickenCajun GumboBeef StroganoffBaked Shrimp ScampiCrispy Bak..

33.25 - In Stock

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